An award-winning London Walk

The Alfred Hitchcock London Walk is a homage to director Sir Alfred Hitchcock conceived and guided by Hitchcock biographer, interviewer and journalist Sandra Shevey. In 1972, Sandra conducted a one-to-one interview with the director which remains unpublished in print, though it was recorded to cassette tape. To date, a small excerpt on YouTube is all that was ever released of the 90 minute conversation.

The walk profiles locations from "The Man Who Knew Too Much", "Frenzy", "The Paradine Case" and many otherwise unacknowledged locations such as Forbes House on Halkin Street. It is also the only way to hear sound bites from the seminal 1972 Hitchcock interview which will be played during the tour.

Tours run daily all year round, starting at 11am and lasting 3 hours.
£100 (excluding fares, tips)
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